I am looking for people interested in sharing the story and symbolism behind their tattoo. 

     Please see the release form page for the release allowing your picture and words to be used.  

     I will need as clear as possible of a picture of the tattoo you are choosing (one please - or one section if you have complex work) with as clear a background as possible. YOU CAN DO THIS! Just find a teenager with a smart phone and sweet pic apps ;) 

     If you would like ideas of what to share about your tattoo please see the questionnaire page. Do not feel obligated to follow the form - share what your story truly is.

​    Only 18 year olds and over will be considered unless a parent or guardian signs a waiver. 

     While genital tattooing is brave, it will not be considered for the book to avoid pornography ratings. DO NOT SEND PICTURES!!! >_<


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