I am looking for people interested in sharing the story and symbolism behind their tattoo. 

Please see the release form page for the release allowing your picture and words to be used.  

I will need as clear as possible of a picture of the tattoo you are choosing (one please - or one section if you have complex work) with as clear a background as possible. YOU CAN DO THIS! Just find a teenager with a smart phone and sweet pic apps ;) 

If you would like ideas of what to share about your tattoo please see the questionnaire page. Do not feel obligated to follow the form - share what your story truly is.

 Only 18 year olds and over will be considered unless a parent or guardian signs a waiver. 

While genital tattooing is brave, it will not be considered for the book to avoid pornography ratings. DO NOT SEND PICTURES!!! >_<

​​Submission Considerations::

 Here are some possible questions,  but please don't let this sway you from other comments, conversation or important ideas to share.   This is about YOUR tattoo... say what you want about it :) - feel free to email me for a doc. or pdf. of these questions if you prefer to answer that way or right click on the form to the right, save and print...

  • How old were you when you got this tattoo?
  • Were you sober?
  • Would you get it again?
  • Do you regret it at all?
  • Would you change anything about it?
  • What symbols are in this tattoo?
  • What do they mean to you?
  • Has this symbol always had this meaning to you?
  • Do you think in means anything different in our society or other cultures?
  • Is there any history in the image or symbols beyond what it means to you?
  • Does anyone else have a tattoo like this?
  • Would you like to credit the artist?
  • Did it hurt more or less than you were expecting?
  • How many tattoos do you have?
  • If this tattoo is or was dedicated to a person what is that relationship like then and now?
  • Do you have plans for any other tattoos?
  • Why do you think this symbol is important to other people as well as you?
  • Anything else you can think of….